The Girls of Grace Foundation, Inc.

....and He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for you"

Our Story

We loved every minute of our journey!  At 22 years old our founder, Kendra Conyers, wanted to make a difference.  While competing in Los Angeles, CA for the title of MISS California 2013, Kendra decided to follow her passion of mentoring young girls.  The idea stemmed from volunteer work Kendra completed in school systems throughout Compton, CA where she discovered that young girls had little positive influence or guidance outside of the home.  It wasn't long before Kendra realized that she was truly making a difference by volunteering and spending time with girls on a one on one basis.

An Idea is Born

After relocating to Atlanta, in June of 2016, Kendra set out to find ways to birth The Girls of Grace Foundation, Inc.  Her idea was to visit different youth centers and after-school programs for volunteer work in order to better understand the needs of her targeted population.  By September 2016, Kendra had placed her first program at Club Xhell Youth Life Center in Riverdale, GA.